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Ellie's Dark Floral Wallpaper celebrates nature in the peak of its glory.

"It is this feeling of awe and reverence, this experience of beauty and harmony that I want to introduce into my customers' surroundings, daily lives and experiences. I believe that being in the presence of beauty awakens our creativity and courage, invigorates us, and makes the impossible seem possible."

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This is wallpaper like you’ve never seen it before - larger, darker, deeper, more evocative and more emotional. Highlights fade gradually into soft shadows, fine detail into blur, creating a stunning three-dimensional effect and a moody atmosphere.

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Use our fabrics to create cushions, clothing or to upholster a furniture item. Our collection of designer fabrics includes silk, silk velvet, and polyester velvet, all printed with Ellie’s signature prints using the latest in digital printing technology. These fabrics are available by the meter, in any increment, and there is no minimum order.

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Our cushions are created using a selection of Ellie’s favorite fabrics, from luxuriously soft silk satins and silk velvets to a simultaneously soft and durable polyester velvet. Ellie has sourced and tested these fabrics extensively over the past years and the cushions in this current collection are her all-time favorites.

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In adding scarves to her product line, Ellie hopes to become part of an existing tradition, established by couture fashion houses in the mid-twentieth-century, where art and fashion meet each other on a silk square.

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Everything that Ellie creates, she does so with a passion for her craft, and with gratitude for the hours she is able to practice to it. Ellie invests a great deal of time (months to years), as well as incredible care, into her concepts and their execution. She hopes to put products out into the world that reflect her passion, devotion and gratitude, her vision and aesthetic, and the way she views the world.

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