The Wonder in Us

“I believe that each and every one of us is gifted with a unique vision of - and for - the world we live in.
It’s through this gift - whatever it is that calls our spirits into participation with the collective act of creation/imagination - that we connect with our surroundings, with ourselves, and with each other. We can devote our whole lives to the pursuit of this inner source of magic and mystery, without ever exhausting our fascination for it. Since names for it are as elusive as the thing itself, I have come to call it, ‘The Wonder in Us'.”

— Ellie Cashman

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Original works of art for wallpaper, wall deco and home textiles



Use our fabrics to create cushions, clothing or to upholster a furniture item. Our collection of designer fabrics includes silk, silk velvet, and polyester velvet, all printed with Ellie’s signature prints using the latest in digital printing technology. These fabrics are available by the meter, in any increment, and there is no minimum order.

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Our cushions are created using a selection of Ellie’s favorite fabrics, from luxuriously soft silk satins and silk velvets to a simultaneously soft and durable polyester velvet. Ellie has sourced and tested these fabrics extensively over the past years and the cushions in this current collection are her all-time favorites.

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In adding scarves to her product line, Ellie hopes to become part of an existing tradition, established by couture fashion houses in the mid-twentieth-century, where art and fashion meet each other on a silk square.

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