Floral wallpaper hotel
17 October 2019 in Projects

The Vault Project


Designing the hotel as a home

To connect with the client’s wishes, Johannes, Rasmus and Nicklas tried to imagine the future visitor’s feelings as they enter the hotel and interact with their designs. ‘We want the visitor to feel at home and we hope that they are proud to have been in the space. Our concepts take different directions depending on the brief. They all have the above ambition in common. We always try to see our projects with the quote: “Spik Studios – We create destinations”.

Wallpaper to surprise

Johannes, Rasmus and Nicklas often work with wallpaper, as it gives a space a feeling of coziness. The wallpaper feels solid and gives the room added allure. ‘What is important to us is to try to find wallpaper that you might not normally have at home; we want to surprise the visitor’. The wallpaper for the Vault Hotel has been selected with this desire in mind. The details and motifs have all been chosen by the designers to contribute to a feeling of well-being and warmth. ’Together with the other chosen decor, the rooms featuring Ellie’s wallpaper feel magical. We hope the hotel clients feel that way too!’

‘Ellie’s designs are romantic, explosive, colorful and especially just wonderful.’ – Johannes, Rasmus and Nicklas (Spik Studios)

Floral wallpaper hotel
Floral wallpaper hotel

Stay wonder-ful,

Renée van de Besselaar