Floral Cushions
5 February 2019 in Projects, Products

Ode to Nature


Green symbolizes our connection to the outdoors, happy spring feelings and brings back the balance in life. We would like to share some inspiration about what the color green can do for you.


Green is a natural color, so it pairs perfectly with natural elements in your home. A rough wooden floor in combination with a lot of house plants brings the outdoors indoors. And of course, It’s always a good idea to add some wallpaper to transform your entire space into something magical. With Ellie’s newest design, A Golden Age Wallpaper Deep Moss Green, a wall, a ceiling or an entire room becomes a dramatic, romantic, larger-than-life celebration of beauty - both the kind that exists in nature, and the kind we can create ourselves.


To add some romance and luxury to the natural look, you could consider accessories like Velvet Cushions and/or curtains paired with atmospheric lighting. Our Velvet Fabric and Cushions are soft and can give a room that special something. The flowers on the A Golden Age cushions symbolize a sense of wonder and gratitude for the brief, and best, of times that we have. Keep an eye on our web shop and be the first to discover new products in this super soft and luxurious Velvet fabric.

Stay wonder-ful,

Renée van de Besselaar