A Golden Age Circle Wallpaper

This dark floral circle wallpaper features a bouquet of peonies and tulips, chrysanthemums and apple blossoms, exploding out over a dark background. Ellie painted it in a style that recalls the still life paintings of the Dutch Golden Age.

Available in different diameters, this is a quick, easy and elegant way to apply Ellie’s original artwork to just a portion of your wall, transforming your space into a stylish statement in less than ten minutes.

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Our wallpaper circles are printed in rich full color on our 160 g/m2 (4.719 oz/yd2) non-woven fleece wallpaper. The surface is slightly textured and has a matte finish. Scroll down for more detailed specifications.

We ship worldwide with FedEx International Priority and FedEx International Economy. Depending on your location and the selected service (Priority or Economy) shipping takes an average of 3-5 days. Click here to get a more detailed estimate as to when your order will arrive.

Our circle wallpaper is easy to install. It's all been pre-cut for you, so all you need to do is unroll and paste, install and enjoy! The only tools you’ll need are wallpaper adhesive and a wet rag. Just unroll the panel and apply it to a pre-pasted wall … and enjoy!

The perfect solution for renters, this Wallpaper Circle can be removed with warm water and a sponge or wet rag, without leaving any residue.

Click here for a detailed installation instruction.



Our round wallpapers provide a modern alternative to the traditional approach of covering a whole wall with wallpaper. Combine this circle wallpaper with a painted wall in a coordinating color, a coordinating cushion out of our own collection, and/or your own chosen, statement accessories, and you’ll be able to create an eye-catching, even jaw-dropping, personalized space in almost no time.

Ellie says about the design, “I painted these flowers the year I turned 40, and tried to apply a sense of softness and vulnerability to them, by choosing a softer set of brushes. Learning to be a bit more compassionate toward myself, to embrace my own vulnerability and weakness, is something I’ve been grappling with at the dawn of a new decade in my life.

I love the gestures of the different flowers in the bouquet. They are so active and alive. In the middle of their growing up and open, they are absolutely thrusting themselves into bloom, as if it’s a matter of life and death.”

For further insight into the (thought) process behind the original design, please see Ellie’s full description here.



Background colors

Luminous Blue
Velvet Black

Diameters / number of strips

142.5 cm (56.1") / 3 strips
116 cm (46") / 1 strip
190 cm (74.8") / 4 strips

Physical properties

160 g/m2 (4.719 oz/yd2) non-woven fleece wallpaper with a matte finish

Fire Safety

EU (EN 13501-1): B - s1 - d0
US (ASTM E84): Class A (concrete), Class A (drywall)


ISO 105-B02: 7 out of 8 Blue Wool Scale


The material is classified as non-hazardous: DIN 52900 or 91/155/EEG,2001/58/EC.


Ellie Cashman Design® wallpaper is sturdy and durable, easy to clean with a damp cloth and can be removed easily with water.