Incandescent Rose Wallpaper

Incandescent Rose Wallpaper

Colossal roses float across the foreground in a loose and random pattern. Gently, they fade into a sun-bleached background. The atmosphere created is one of light, warmth, openness, giving you a sense of possibility. Applied to your walls - and maybe even your ceiling - Incandescent Rose envelops you in a soft, contented, dream state garden world. 

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Incandescent Rose, with its powerful scale, places you in a garden at - or approaching -  full glory, and provides you with a visceral experience of light, warmth, happiness and hope.

What distinguishes this floral print from the others in our collection is the alternation between areas of focus and detail (in the foreground roses and some of their leaves) and large areas of soft, abstracted color and openness that merely suggest the presence of vegetal forms and droplets of sunlight. 

Also distinctive is the random arrangement of the elements. The pattern repeat is absolutely gigantic at 5.844 m wide x 2.74 m high (or 230" wide x 107.87" high). This means that the forms feel totally free of a repeat structure. 

Together with the light color palette and a sense of warmth, these qualities give Incandescent Rose an enhanced and uplifting sense of dreaminess and soft femininity. 

Incandescent Rose Wallpaper features a color palette of pinks, greens, light yellow, a blue-gray and creamy white. It pairs well with white, cream, pink, and warm, rich, earthy tones like ochre, moss or burgundy. We like it with warm wood tones, metal fixtures and/or soft textiles.

Product Specifications

Dark Floral II Black Saturated XL (200%) specifications

160 gr/m2 non-woven fleece wallpaper with a matte finish

5.844 m wide x 2.74 m high (230" x 107.87"). It is a straight repeat.

The repeat width spans 12 strips at 48.7 cm (or 19.17”) wide each. The length of the strips is variable, depending on your wall measurements.

The largest rose is 76 cm (or 30”) in diameter.

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