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Rose Decay - Floral Fabric

Rose Decay - Floral Fabric

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  1. Ellie Cashman Rose Decay Lightweight Velvet Fabric Detail
    Rose Decay Fabric
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Ellie’s floral fabric is available in the following materials:

  • a polyester velvet which can be used for curtains, cushions and as an upholstery fabric;
  • a luxurious silk rayon velvet which can be used for curtains or cushions;
  • several elegant silks which can be used for curtains, cushions or one-of-a-kind clothing items.

Each one of Ellie’s designer floral fabric collections can be ordered by the meter, with no minimum order. Ellie’s unique floral prints truly come to life when applied to our floral fabric.

The polyester velvet, which is both beautiful and practical, is a synthetic material ideally suited to a variety of interior applications. It is available in two weights. The lighter weight is ideal for use as curtains and cushions. The heavier weight is perfect for furniture upholstery. Thanks to the sublimation dye technique used to impregnate the colors into the fabric, it does not fade with time or exposure to sunlight. This means that you can create statement textiles for your space, and/or give an old piece of furniture a facelift with one of Ellie’s unique floral fabric collections, knowing that the result is one you can enjoy for many years to come.

Additionally, we offer Ellie’s artful floral prints on several natural textiles. The silk-rayon velvet fabric has a romantic, luxurious quality ideal for use as curtains or cushions. The several types of silk we offer are classic and elegant and can be used for curtains, cushions or special clothing items.

“Flowers are my subject of choice, as I see them not only as beautiful, but as powerful symbols that express the full range of human experience.” – Ellie Cashman