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How to order wallpaper


Your wallpaper will be custom printed based on your wall measurements and scaled and placed according to the specifications you enter into our Wallpaper Configurator. The Wallpaper Configurator instantly calculates the amount and price of wallpaper that you'll need and generates a preview of your wallpaper will look like. 

Order your wallpaper in three easy steps:

  • Select color and material
  • Enter your wall dimensions
  • Scale and position the design

In the following example, we'll use our Dark Floral II Wallpaper. To select your design, go to the wallpaper category page and make sure that you have selected your correct location in the top left corner, before selecting the wallpaper design you wish to order.

Select color and material

After you've selected your desired color and material, click on the GET STARTED button to proceed to the next step. The button (only) becomes clickable after you have made your selections.

Please note: We recommend our non-woven wallcovering for residential use, and our vinyl wallcovering for commercial use. Read more about non-woven and vinyl under the Material tab below the product image.

Scroll further down on the wallpaper product page to read about the concept and meaning behind the design, for detailed material specifications, installation instructions and more.

Enter your wall measurements

Enter the width and height of your wall(s) into the fields provided, and the configurator instantly calculates the number of strips you will receive, the wallpaper measurements and the price. It's that easy!

If you have multiple connecting walls, you should add the width measurements of all the walls together. You can read more about how to measure your walls for wallpaper here.

We automatically add 25.4 cm (or 10”) to your width and height measurements, which is sufficient for most jobs. Additionally, your width measurement will be rounded up to a full strip width, because we can only print a full strip width.

Click the green NEXT button when you have enough overage.



Scale and position design

In this last step, you can custom scale and position the design to your liking.

The image on the screen is a preview of what your wallpaper will look like. Please note that the thumbnail of the design is a low resolution image that may appear blurry when you increase the scale in the configurator. Don’t worry though, the high resolution image we use to print the actual wallpaper will be sharp!

Using the scale bar on top, you can scale the design*. The design in the example can be enlarged up to 300%. In this case, the scale is set to 244%.

*Please note that not all designs are scalable. If there is no scale bar, the design is only available as pictured.

To adjust placement, click and move the design using your mouse.

When you're happy with the result, click ADD TO CART.