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  1. Dark Floral Classic Black Wallpaper Sample
    Dark Floral Wallpaper Sample
    From $2.75
  2. Dark Floral II Black Desaturated Wallpaper Sample
    Dark Floral II Wallpaper Sample
    From $2.75
  3. A Golden Age Chestnut Brown Wallpaper Sample
    A Golden Age Wallpaper Sample
    From $2.75
  4. A Moonlight Meadow Wallpaper Sample by designer Ellie Cashman
    Moonlight Meadow Wallpaper Sample
    From $2.75
  5. A Still Life with Shadows Wallpaper Sample by designer Ellie Cashman
    Still Life with Shadows Wallpaper Sample
    From $2.75
  6. A Summer Squall Wallpaper Sample by designer Ellie Cashman
    Summer Squall Wallpaper Sample
    From $2.75
  7. A Twisting Tulips Wallpaper Sample by designer Ellie Cashman
    Twisting Tulips Wallpaper Sample
    From $2.75
  8. A Rose Decay Wallpaper Sample by designer Ellie Cashman
    Rose Decay Wallpaper Sample
    From $2.75
  9. Incandescent Rose Wallpaper Sample by designer Ellie Cashman
    Incandescent Rose Wallpaper Sample
    From $2.75
  10. Becoming Wild in Light Glowing Gray Wallpaper Sample
    Becoming Wild Wallpaper Sample
    From $2.75
  11. From Source to Sea in Bright Feather Wallpaper Sample
    From Source to Sea Wallpaper Sample
    From $2.75
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Wallpaper and Fabric Samples

We believe that experiencing our materials firsthand is essential to making informed design choices. That’s why we offer a comprehensive selection of samples for both our wallpapers and fabrics.

Individual Samples and Sample Books

Individual Samples: Order a single sample to experience the texture, color, and pattern of our wallpapers and fabrics up close. Whether you’re considering a bold floral print or an abstract feather motif, our individual samples will give you the most accurate impression of how our products look and feel in real life. They’re perfect for mood boards or for hanging up in your space, to see them in specific lighting situations or in combination with other colors/patterns.

Sample Books: Dive deeper into our collections with sample books. Each book includes all the designs from a specific collection. It’s like having a curated gallery at your fingertips, ready to inspire your next project.

Color Coordination Across Materials

Our commitment to cohesive design extends beyond individual products. The colors on our fabrics closely match those on our wallpapers. Whether you’re creating a harmonious living room or coordinating patterns in a bedroom, our samples ensure a seamless transition between materials.

Seamless Shipping Worldwide

Wherever you are, we’ve got you covered. Choose between express or economy shipping.

Unlock Your Discount

Depending on the type of sample you choose, you’ll receive a discount on your subsequent wallpaper or fabric order. Elevate your space with our luxurious materials, backed by quality and creativity.