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  1. Summer Squall Red Hot + Beige wallpaper by designer Ellie Cashman
    Summer Squall Wallpaper
  2. A Summer Squall Wallpaper Sample by designer Ellie Cashman
    Summer Squall Wallpaper Sample

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Ellie’s Designer Wallpaper collection consists of unique, artist-made wallpapers, all available in two materials: fleece wallpaper and vinyl wallpaper.

Fleece wallpaper is comparable to traditional wallpaper. It has a smooth surface and a matte finish and is recommended for regular consumer use. The vinyl wallpaper has a lightly textured surface, a matte finish, and is recommended for commercial spaces because of its added durability.

These designer wallpapers are based on Ellie’s original drawings and paintings, and are suited to everything from a bold powder room to a cozy nursery to an eye-catching kitchen.

To create these large-scale wallpapers, Ellie uses a combination of traditional and digital art media. She develops the drawings and paintings over the course of months, sometimes years.

This designer wallpaper has the amazing power to instantaneously turn your house into a home. It’s never been so easy! Ellie Cashman Design® also offers you the possibility to customize the scale and placement of your designer wallpaper, making your fleece wallpaper or vinyl wallpaper truly one-of-a-kind and uniquely suited to your space.

When customizing Ellie’s wallpaper, let your imagination run free. We love to see clients use our products in unexpected and creative ways, and we know how important scale and placement can be to achieving your desired result. Our team is always glad to help you work with our designs and products to create the statement space you’ve envisioned.

Ellie believes that walls can be more than just functional structures that divide spaces and hold up ceilings! Walls can have and create moods.